Sanyang VDC distributes sugar to Mosques and Churches

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Village Development Committee of Kombo South coastal community of Sanyang, over the week distributed 30 bags of sugar to Mosques and Churches within the community.

The committee says the gesture is part of its mandate as the village development authority to help the Muslims brothers during Ramadan and extending equally support to Christians as part of the village.

Chairman Lamin Bojang said the gesture is geared towards complementing the financial spending efforts of families in the month of Ramadan.

He said they have a responsibility to compliment the development aspirations of their own people, saying the distributed bags of sugar were purchased from the village coffers. “This is like giving back to the community of what they own because what we provide to you today is entirely own by the people of the community. So it is our responsibility as a VDC to fulfil our mandate towards the development of our own people,” he said.

Assistant secretary Yusupha Jassey said the people of Sanyang deserve the right to be provided with basic livelihood needs during such period like Ramadan, adding that the VDC as a committee will continue to provide development to her people.

Alkalo Jabero Jabang thanked the committee for standing by their mandate and assisting in minimising the spending burden on families during the month of Ramadan. “We are very much thankful for the position you have taken in reducing the financial expenditure on families during this month of Ramadan.”

Author: Yusupha Jobe