Sanyang LBS Multi-million dalasi classroom project contract signed

Monday, July 01, 2019

A multi-million dalasi storey building classroom project contract at Sanyang Lower Basic School in Kombo South has been awarded to GIGO Construction Company, last week. The project is funded by the MRC Holland Foundation in the Netherlands.

According to the funder, the community school project will include 18 classroom space and 24 modern restrooms.

Village Development Committee (VDC) chairman Lamin Bojang expressed gratitude to the MRC Holland Foundation for financing the project, saying it will no doubt complement the efforts of both the VDC in their development aspirations and the government.

Mr. Bojang said his VDC has since taking over the development responsibilities of the community and they have been lobbying for genuine possible partners to improve education in the village. “The MRC Holland Foundation has already done their part of financing the construction of the project. It is now our duty as a community to make sure that the project is completed as expected,” he said.

Headmaster of the school Lamin Kujabi said the project will help create needed classroom space for the students, adding that the school is over crowded with pupils. “We are very much appreciative to the funder as the project will provide space for education in a conducive environment.”

Henriette Brummer, representative of  the Foundation said the MRC Holland Foundation has been assisting not only the area of education but also in the health sector, stating that since its coming in the country, the Foundation has implemented series of projects such as schools and supply of medical equipment.

Author: Yusupha Jobe