Sanyang Beach inundated with dead fish

Monday, May 13, 2019

Fishermen and bar and restaurant owners along the Sanyang Beach have expressed utmost disappointment with the recent discovery of dead fish dumped along the coast.

It could be recalled that this is the second time such an incident is being reported in the area, after several fishing vessels were alleged to have been found supplying the Mauritanian fishmeal factory- Nissim.

However, this recent incident was said to have occurred late on Wednesday after the said fishmeal factory was unable to buy the large stocks of fish caught by fishing vessels.

Speaking to this medium, Modou Conteh, a visitor at Rainbow Beach restaurant lamented his discomfort with the atmosphere and terrible state of the beach and the odour coming from the area as a result of dead fish dumped in the area.

“I cannot even swim because the area is inundated with dead fish. This is really a concern and I think the government has to do something about it. It is always sad to come to beach in order to have leisure only to find the beach in such a situation. Why will they waste such a food that serves as a protein along the beach? Really something has to be done in order to avoid such a situation,” he said.

Also speaking, Lamin Jawla, the proprietor of RainBow Beach Bar and Restaurant expressed dismay with the incident, saying fishing vessels are usually fond of dumping their fish stock along the beach, especially when their catches are not bought by the fishmeal factory.

“Last year it happens here where the entire beach was polluted with dumped dead fishes by the same alleged fishing vessels. What are NEA and the Fisheries Ministry doing to stop the destruction of our water resources and environment?  And any time such a situation happens I lost a lot of tourists, who normally visit my restaurant and the beach to swim, “he added.

Yafatou Dumbuya, an official from the Fisheries Department, stationed at Sanyang Beach told The Point that they have taken all the registration of boats supplying fish to the factory in case of any illegal dumping especially dead fishes.

This, she said, is to ensure when such incidents happen, boats found wanting can be held responsible.

“I have to stay at the beach sometimes till 8 at night in order to avoid dumping of dead fishes. But how this happened I cannot even tell. I have to immediately call our officials and make them aware of the incident,” she said.  
Author: Yusupha Jobe