Sanyang angered by NEA’s failure to attend proposed meeting

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Residents in the coastal community of Sanyang have expressed their utmost disappointment with the National Environment Agency (NEA) in failing to attend a recent proposed meeting with the community meant to discuss environmental concerns posed by the Mauritanian-own fishmeal factory- Nessim.

In the recent past the Mauritanian fishmeal company- Nessim has come under serious attack by the residents of Sanyang, who are still protesting for the fishmeal factory be shutdown on environmental grounds, as many believed it is putting the tourism industry under threat especially hotels along the Atlantic coast. However, after a six-month closure, the fishmeal factory was alleged to have been issued an approval by the NEA to re-operate and channel its waste pipe into the sea.

Recently, a letter was addressed to the Sanyang community by the National Environmental Agency asking for a meeting on 15 January 2019, but the institution did not honour its agreement, making the people of Sanyang disgruntled.

Speaking to The Point, Badara Bajo, a representative of the chief said serious environmental issue that needs to be discussed and solved peacefully should be handled with all seriousness by the government or any other agency responsible.

Bajo noted that it is totally disheartening for NEA as a responsible Agency, which has proposed for the meeting with the community, openly failed to appear after having all invited stakeholders waiting at the ground.

“We have to be very responsible and take things proactively as a country so that issues that might be problematic in future can be solved peacefully and on time. This is totally frustrating having a very important meeting to be cancelled like that” he said.

Meanwhile, peaceful protests were held at the site of the fishmeal factory by the people of the community displaying their written placards with annoying words and comments.

Author: Yusupha Jobe