Sanneh to scuffle Begue in wrestling combat

Friday, March 08, 2019

Sanneh of club Ebo Town Mbolo will battle it out with Begue of club Banjul Japoo in a grand combat this Sunday, at the Independent Stadium in Bakau.

Both wrestlers will be under pressure to prove a point as they were defeated in their last wrestling outings.

Sanneh and Begue are both preparing for the combat flag named after Musa Suso and second-lady Madam Sajor Mballo-Borrow.  Other flag is named after Senegalese famous wrestling promoter Aziz Njie and will be accompanied to the combat by renowned musician Chat Secka.

Other combats to be featured before the grand combat are:

1. Chat (Sukutangulu) VS Ama (Kerr Sering Mbolo)

2. France 2 (Yundum Mbolo) VS Sinyel 2 (Tallinding Japoo)

3. Armeh (ham Sa Chossan) VS Jeff Jel (Banjul Japoo)

4.  Njarr Mew (Feke Ma Si Boleh) VS Pakala (Ebo Town Mbolo)

5. Lionuwarr (Serrekunda Mbolo) VS Garga (Dorr Dorat)

 Flag Aziz Ndiaye Dakara

6. Malian (Mara) VS Sita (Nema)

Flag Modou Tulor Derboe

7. Balla Junior (Bala Family) VS Mandela (Bakau)

Flag Papa Njie

8. Amical (Roots) VS Sakajorr (Jabang Mbolo)

Flag Lawyer Shriff Tambadou

9. Sachess (Banjul Saku Ham Ham) VS Wuli (Senegal)

Ticket for the contest for VIP is pegged at D300, covered pavilion D150 and uncovered D100.
Author: Fatoumatta Komma