Sanna Sabally narrates horror Alagie Martin inflicted on him

Monday, April 29, 2019

Former vice-chairman of the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council (AFPRC) last Thursday, 25th April, 2019 told the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) chaired by Dr. Lamin J. Sise that Brig. Gen. Alagie Martin, the current Inspector General of The Gambia National Army was the head of the torture team that tormented him on numerous occasions.

He disclosed that late Sadibou Hydara whilst in incarceration at the maximum security wing at the Mile 2 Prisons also suffered the same fate.

The former AFPRC No. 2 who was widely regarded as no nonsense- person during his stint in office alleged he was subjected to grievous tortures many times by Brig. Gen. Alagie Martin, who was the head of the torture team. Lance Corporal Lamin Senghore, Malafi Corr, private soldier Babucarr Bobb, Ndure, Pa Modou Sarr and Samba Batch Jallow, he disclosed were all in the torture team.

He pointed out that the torturers were Alagie Martin, Lance Corporal Lamin Senghore, Ndure and Malafi Corr.

He disclosed that a tape recorder was used by the aforementioned people to record his and Sadibou Hydara’s confession to a crime they knew nothing about. He further disclosed that Alagie Martin and his team meted different types of torture on them to get them give false confessions, but he had always told his torturers that they would rather die than to lie and admit to a crime he knows nothing about.

He told the Commission that he was forced to confess that he pulled a gun and pointed it at Yahya Jammeh and attempted to assassinate him.

He said his hands and legs were cuffed and taken to confinement and his head covered with Piccadilly plastic bag, beaten and his head dipped inside a mixture of water, acid and gasoline.

He also said he was also taken out from the prison to the beach where he was tortured by immersing him into water several times until he passed out.

The former vice-chairman told the Commission how he was taken to a pit and buried alive around the gallows; and on another occasion to a place and was asked to defecate and asked to eat his faeces but he refused.

He revealed that he was also subjected to water boarding torture which were done under the supervision of Alagie Martin.

Sana Bairo Sabally also told the Commission how he was wrapped in a groundnut sack, hung on the ceiling swinging with his head hanging downwards. He told the Commission how he was electrocuted in every part of his body including his penis and tongue, adding that the electrocution was always accompanied by beatings.

He informed the Commission how a pin was driven into his penis which eventually ruptured his bladder. He recalled the day an iron rod was placed inside his anus and hung on a ceiling and on several occasion he was lifted and gagged on his cell door.

He informed the Commission that he and Sadibou Hydara were taken to the NIA headquarters, locked in a cell and thorns were thrown on the floor and they were dragged along the floor with thorns. He further informed the Commission that Sadibou Hydara and he were asked to make conceptual action which they refused and they were beaten to ‘death’. He said after he refused to have sex with Sadibou Hydara, the team attempted to castrate them.

He explained that an iron bar was placed between his testicles and the body and started beating the muscles with hammer.

He stated that Sadibou Hydara started bleeding from that day until the day he died. As a result of this, he declared that Sadibou Hydara was murdered by Alagie Martin alias Lagos, Lance Corporal Lamin Senghore, Ndure and Malafi Corr.

At this point, Lead Counsel, Essa M. Faal produced the investigative report on the death of Sadibou Hydara purportedly from the NIA which disclosed that Hydara died on the 3rd June, 1995 as a result of high blood pressure.

Sana Bairo Sabally told the Commission that the said report was a fabrication and a cover-up and pointed out that Sadibou Hydara died around 16:17 hours on the 6th June, 1995.

He explained that prior to his death, he (Sana) was playing scrabble with Lt. L.F. Jammeh when Sadibou got up and left, went inside his cell and lay down. He further explained that some moments later, he followed him and whilst Sadibou was lying down, he (Sadibou) told him that he was could see his grandmother but he (Sabally) carried him and told him that he was inside the prison.

Sana B. Sabally told the Commission that Sadibou Hydara gave up the ghost after uttering those words and he then covered his eyes, laid him on the floor and went to inform prison officials. “Sadibou Hydara was part of me and he will ever remain part of me,” he remarked.

He stressed that each time they are tortured; they were always stripped naked ‘like a needle’.

Sana Sabally asserted how two of his acquaintances (two ladies) were taken to the NIA headquarters in Banjul, stripped naked, bananas, sticks and demos were used to torture them in a barbaric manner.

He informed the commission that the two women’s reproductive organs were destroyed as a result of the torture meted on them, adding that one of the women cannot sleep with a man and the other cannot be impregnated.

The witness told the Commission that the last 6 months before he was discharged, several attempts were made to poison him whilst in the prison. “I served my jail term in a single cell in security wing number one cell,” he stated.

Sana Bairo Sabally asserted that he felt betrayed by Yahya Jammeh, Edward Singateh and Yankuba Touray and he regretted the torture he meted out to people.

He further asserted that he came of the prison not bitter but better and has nothing against his colleagues particularly Yahya Jammeh and Alagie Martin, his torturers and had forgiven them. 

Author: Bruce Asemota