Sandele Foundation held climate change camp jamboree

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

The Sandele Foundation, in partnership with the Ministry of Environment over the weekend held a day-long climate change camp jamboree for 30 young people from different schools across the country at Saint Martin’s Lower Basic School in Kartong, Kombo South.

The jamboree followed the conclusion of a five-day climate change awareness camp at a local lodge in Kartong, where participants from various schools were sensitised on the different topics regarding the negative impacts of climate change.

Coordinator Simon Gibba said the camp was held to sensitise and raise the awareness of participants on the impact of climate towards their daily livelihoods as human beings. He said the Foundation partnered with the ministry of environment and climate change to complement government efforts in the strive to safeguard the environment from destruction which can give negative impact to climate change.

Alfusainey Sey, a member of the Foundation highlighted the significance of the awareness camp, saying that the session will avail students the understanding on protecting the environment for possible avoidance of climate change.

“We targeted schools because we very well understand that it is important to make our children and youth to be aware of the climate change trends,” he said.

Binta Fatty, a participant from Kotu Senior Secondary school and acting president of the school’s environment club thanked Sandele Foundation and the ministry of environment for organising the camp, saying it has already provided them the knowledge on the impact of climate change.

Author: Yusupha Jobe