Sainabou Dodou Kujabi authors book on Sheikh Ebrahim Nyass (Bai)

Friday, February 02, 2018

Sainabou Dodou Kujabi, a follower (Talibeh) of Mawlana Sheikh Ebrahim Nyass of Media Bai Kaolack has authored a book titled “Sheikh Ebrahim Nyass (Bai) One Faydatou Ansar”.

The book is produced to shed light on issues taking place in “our” love for Allah, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Sheikh Tijani, founder of the Tariqhatul Tijani through.

The book shows the uniqueness of the path to serve Allah in a most divine way in which the author, in the introduction of the book stated that there is no other two sub-group within the same single course as approved by Allah, the Almighty, which He gave to people He chooses in different missions. “Sheikh Ebrahim Abdoulaye Nyass’s (Bai Nyass) Faydatou Ansar has no other sub-group.”

She said writing the blessed and historic book also reminds her of Muharam - the first month in the Muslim calendar- saying most Gambians became Muslims as a result of Tijaniyya Brotherhood Jihadists. “Indeed, the Tijaniyya Brother founded by Sheikh Ahmad Tijani that people disliked, has today succeeded in making most Gambians Muslims. Jihadists from this Brotherhood Sait Matty and Maba Diouba Bah converted scores of Sene-Gambians in the regions of Saloum, Badibu and other Serere and Wolof States. Sheikh Omar Futti-Taal was a great inspiration within the region.”

She said Allah has shown the importance of Muharam after His creation of Prophet Adam when they entered Paradise during Muharam after completing His creation of Prophet Adam. “Celebrating Muharam locally referred to ‘Tamharit,’ is indeed a great gesture and honour to the Lord, our Creator.”

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb