Rtd. Col. Badgie disagrees with TRRC’s anonymous witness

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Retired Col. Momodou Badjie, has refuted the evidence advanced by TRRC’s anonymous witness, saying his recollections made some allegations without any basis and maliciously presented as a mean of misleading the local as well as international audiences targeting the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Committee.

“I have learnt the anonymous witness`s proclamation about my presence at that extrajudicial killings of Soldiers of The Gambia National Army with distress and huge surprise to me, my family and those that know me. Everyone that know me will agree that I am a man with humility, compassion and great respect for human dignity and the respect for the due process,” Rtd. Col. Badjie said.

During his testimony on 17th January 2019, Badjie remembered, the anonymous witness stated that he (Badjie) was present during the alleged senseless extrajudicial execution of some members of The Gambia National Army (GNA), at Fajara Barrack, on 11th November 1994. However, he made it clear that this allegations associating him to that tragic night, was totally false, malicious and deceitful.

“I can testify at any court of law that the anonymous witness`s statement regarding my presence at this horrific scene was unfounded and pure distortion of the facts. There is ample evidence that in the month of August 1994, I and six (6) other colleagues of the Army were deployed to the Ministry of Local Governments and Lands wherein we were appointed as Mayors and Divisional Commissioners respectively.  Specifically, I was serving as Divisional Commissioner in Mansakonko during the 11th November, 1994 incident.”

“Sorrowfully, I learnt this alleged senseless killing of the members of the GNA with shock and trauma, even more traumatic for me, was when I learnt the killing of the alleged Counter-Coup leader LT. Bashiru Barrow, who was not only my colleague in the Armed Forces but also my best friend. L.T Barrow and we used to share our lives together, our two families are extremely associated. In fact, it was the late Colonel SP Mendy (then Lieutenant Mendy) who called and informed me of this sad news. I can still recalled the manner in which it was relayed to me; “Badjie, Your Man is Gone.”

“Candidly, I learnt of his death with extreme sorrow and grief and those people who were with me in Mansakonko that day witnessed me consumed by grief and sorrow as I have lost a brother in a premeditated and horrific manner. There is no way that I could be present at the senseless killing of my own brother or any of his associates.”

“Contrary to his allegations that I was standing while the November 11 alleged coup plotters were being summarily executed, I wish to set the records straight by informing the general public that I was never present or a witness to those incidents.”

“During my long career of working within the Security and Diplomatic Services, I have never taken part or being complicit, aided or abetted in any actions or crimes that perpetuates unspeakable horrors of state brutalities against citizens of The Gambia, including any members of the Gambia National Army. As I was in Mansakonko on the 11th of November 1994, there is no substantive evidence to support the witness`s claims that I was present at that alleged carnage of Gambian Soldiers and I have credible witnesses who can support my assertions.”

“I therefore refute his claims and demand my total exoneration from any liabilities associated to this alleged horrendous crimes perpetuated against members of The Gambia National Army on 11 November 1994.”

What surprised the entire community, she said, was that it fell completely opposite to a direction it was expected.