Rising Peace Drezy making waves in Gambia

Monday, December 10, 2018

Issue Friday 7 December 2018

Peace Drezy, a born Senegalese and raise-up in Sierra Leaon, a singer, song writer and a producer based in The Gambia is penetrating the country’s music industry following the release of his first song.

“I am also working to release my second song which will also hit the market,” he said, adding that he have been studying engineering and have completed few months ago.

Peace Drezy said one cannot do music without support, adding that there are a lot of talented up-coming artistes in The Gambia who need the support. “We can do more than Nigerians artistes when we get the support from the people because without the support of the people you cannot go anywhere.”

Peace Drezy thanked the DJs for supporting artistes and called on the government to enforce the copyright law so that artistes can also benefit.


Author: Njie Baldeh