Rising Gambian artiste releases first single

Friday, March 01, 2019

Alieu Bah, a rising Gambian artiste has started hitting the market after releasing his first single entitled Poverty. The single has been cooking since 2016 and has now started playing in various radio stations in the country.

In an exclusive chat with the Point Entertainment and Lifestyle over the weekend, Alieu, aka “Real Vexsa” said he has now released his first single but said it was difficult for him but with the help of Allah, the single has been finally released and is making waves in various radio stations in the country.

“I was moving with artistes and they motivated me until I also joined the system. Although it was very difficult for me to write songs and compile them. I sing the song poverty because I came from a poor family and in Africa, poverty dominates because if you are not poor somebody near you is poor.”

He said he took the situation by upon himself and struggled very hard even though he have faced lot of difficulties in which people were discouraging him over and over, but that does not move him.

He also said music is a message because when you look at people like Lucky Dube, Bob Marley and others, they played very important role in music, adding that any musician who does not give message, that person is not an artiste because artiste need to teach people in different areas.