Residents hail Laminkoto-Passamas road construction

Monday, March 19, 2018

As construction of Laminkoto-Passamas road intensifies, the people of Sami Pachonki in Central River Region-North say it was a wise decision by the government to make the swift move to construct the much-talked road.

In a recent interview, one of the residents of the village Lamin Ceesay thanked the government for its foresight and urgency to construct the road. ‘’When this road is completed constructing, it would boost business and ease movement for the people living within the North Bank, Central River and Upper River Regions.’’ 

Awa Susso and Yessa Ceesay both natives of Sami Pachonki explained the positive impact  the road would have on their daily lives once it is completed. “When construction of the Laminkoto-Passamas road is completed, it would really boost trade and improve the lives of Gambians especially people living along the northern part of the country.”

Bully Ceesay and Muhamed Ceesay appealed to Government to also consider constructing a bridge at Kalem to Bansang river, saying it links them to health facilities in CRR-south especially Bansang Hospital and other important places of their interest.    

Author: Sheriff Janko