Reliance Financial services opens new cash centre in Baja Kunda

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Reliance Financial Services, last Saturday opened a new cash centre in Upper River Region’s Wuli District village of Baja Kunda, as part of its mission to bring financial accessibility to the doorsteps of all Gambians.

The financial institution which targets to enhance women finance-base in Wuli, have so far registered 43 women groups with a total membership of 1, 528  and hopes to increase the number to 75 group with a total membership of 3, 000 this year, with a total disbursement of 10 million dalasis by end of the year.

Managing Director Alhagie Baboucarr Khan said their objective is to promote socio-economic development of every Gambian and to positively change their lives, highlighting that their participation in the development of micro-finance is immense. “Gambians should be given the opportunity to create wealth and establish businesses to create employment for the development the country.”

According to him, the institution has made remarkable achievements within three months by opening 109 saving accounts, form 43 women groups and finance them with 4. 2 million dalasis disbursement, paid 2 million dalasis remittance, a deposit portfolio of 2.3 million dalasis, employ 3 staff, 2 security and 2 cleaners within Wuli and Baja Kunda.

Bai Senghore, Central Bank of The Gambia director of micro-finance said the central bank is aware of Reliance Finance Services efforts as a key stakeholder in the microfinance sector that is expanding in the financial services, finance inclusion and reaching the underserved bank communities in the remote parts of the country.

Upper River Region deputy governor Samba Bah commended Reliance Financial Services for providing social services to average Gambians and urged the people of Wuli, Sandu and Baja Kunda to take ownership of the financial service.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb