Reliance Financial Service, Elixir Global Group sign MoU

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Reliance Financial Service and Elixir Global Group last Friday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at a ceremony held at the Reliance Financial Service’s main office, along Kairaba Avenue.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mustapha John, head of Retail Finance and Corporate Affairs at Reliance Financial Service, said Reliance Financial Service is one of the leading micro-financial institutes in the country.

 He said their mission is basically about financial inclusion and providing access to unbanked and the under-bank populace of the country.

He also cited that the partnership was designed, mainly to help Gambians have access to finance and anything that would enhance their standard of living.

“The partnership is a very innovative idea, as cash power is something that everybody needs. Whether you are a businessman or not you need energy to be able to function,” he said.

According to Mr. John, the partnership would make it easy and bring cash power to the doorstep of Gambians.

He disclosed that they have a network all over the country with 20 branches and 150 agents throughout the country.

“We provide access to financial inclusion to unbanked and under-bank populace of the country,” Mr John emphasised.

Mr John said young Gambians have come up with innovations to make sure that they provide access to the community with cash power.

For his part, the Chief Executive Officer and President of Elixir Global Group, Modou Jobe, said their partnership with Reliance Financial Services was meant to help them in selling cash power to all their agents to ensure easy access to cash power.

He said the aim of the partnership was to help facilitate in vending of cash power to everyone in the country.

He then disclosed that the minimum amount to have a cash power is from thirty-five dalasis to two hundred dalasis.

Mr Jobe said RFS has a wider coverage network across the country in all the administrative areas of the country, adding that partnering with them would greatly help.

He disclosed that this was a strategic partnership with Reliance Financial Service to facilitate the realisation of their objectives.

He added that this would contribute to easy access to cash power to everyone in the country and it would be beneficial not only to their institution, but to every Gambian.

 He further disclosed that his company is focusing on energy, culture and technology; hence the partnership would help them contribute to the welfare of the public.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh