Regional health director gives UNFPA thumbs up

Monday, October 09, 2017

Babagalleh Jallow, the regional health director in Bansang, Central River Region, has said that UNFPA have contributed tremendously to the region’s remarkable improvement in terms of maternal and child health, supply of family planning commodities, life-saving drugs, in-service training programmes, provision of Ante-natal cards, amongst others.

“The UNFPA has been our partner in development and it has always stood by us in the implementation of maternal and child health projects in the region,” Mr Babagalleh said.

Mr Jallow, who made these remarks recently during a media-field visit to the region, revealed that women who used to attend hospitals for Ante-natal clinics were given plain papers, but with the help of UNFPA, women are being given Ante-natal cards.

He said the health directorate is faced with some challenges, like shortage of skilled personnel, midwives and non-availability of resident doctors in some major health facilities, like Kuntaur Health Centre.

For his part, Ousman Kambi, a health official, said there has been an improvement in the outreach programmes, whilst expressing gratitude to UNFPA for providing furniture for several outreach clinics in the region.

He explained that most pregnant women who used to stand when they attend Ante-natal clinics now have furniture to sit on.

He said the Health management team work hand-in-glove with the various health facilities in the region, noting that there have been uninterrupted supplies of family planning commodities to the various facilities.

Mr Kambi pointed out that the health management team usually conducts health talk on Bansang Community Radio Station, but the lack of electricity normally hinders the airing of the programmes.

At Kudang Health Centre, Babucarr Cham, a registered nurse disclosed that the facility has youth friendly services, but has been dormant, adding that modalities are being worked out to involve the youth.

He said cases with complications are usually referred to Bansang Hospital, noting that the facility has an average of 70 deliveries per month with no report of maternal death since January 2017.

He expressed gratitude to the UNFPA for supplying the facility with family planning commodities, lamenting that male involvement in family planning programme was poor.

“Some men don’t allow their wives to get or join the family planning, we have shortage of skilled staff and we have no access to community radio station,” Mr Cham concluded.

Author: Bruce Asemota