Red Cross eyes making 10th Youth Bantaba the best

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Bubacarr Singateh, head of The Gambia Red Cross Society National Organising Committee for the 10th International Youth Bantaba says they want to make this year’s gathering one of the best they have ever organised.

During a media briefing at the Red Cross headquarters in Kanifing on Monday, Mr. Singateh said the theme of the Bantaba is “changing minds, changing lives” to be hosted by Siffoe Senior Secondary School.

He said the Bantaba will be held from 26th July to 4th August and is expected to bring together 350 young people from different walks of life. “The Bantaba is meant to discuss issues affecting young people and the society in line with the fundamental principles of the Red Cross movement.”

He said ten thematic areas are expected to be covered including dissemination, governance and management, youth engagement strategy or youth volunteering and community-based disaster response during the Bantaba.

Buba Darboe, acting Secretary General and head of disaster management said, “The normal state of Gambian people and the standard towards which all efforts are bent for attainment is that of a self-supporting, self-governing and independent people. These shall be supported by the changing minds and changing lives.”

Mr Darboe described the world as an imperfect one at best, saying the problems that vex “us” in this country are not easy of solutions but “we” are largely spared the bitter suffering that is a daily ordeal of the people in other parts of the world. “Therefore the need of The Gambian people and the world is our concern and we must not permit this hope to die.”

He added that individual desperation could easily merge into a general one with consequences fatal to a lasting peace.

Baboucarr Sallah, operations and finance officer of The Gambia Youth Empowerment Project said they aim to reach out to participants and tell them about the opportunities available for them at YEP, adding that they owe it to every young Gambian to tell them about opportunities available for them.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb