Rawdatul Majaalis resolves Diabugu Batapa caste system crisis

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Impeachable sources close to Rawdatul Majaalis Islamic association informed this medium that they have solved the caste system problem at Diabugu Batapa village in Sandu District, Upper River Region..

When contacted to shed more light on the issue, the secretary general of Rawdatul Majaalis association, Foday Mahmoud Touray confirmed to this medium that they had solved the crisis in November 2018.

According to Touray, during their meeting with Diabugu Batapa community at the village recently, “they promised us (Rawdatul Majaalis members) that they now forgo with the issue” adding that what has happened has happened.

The villagers fully assured that repeat of such will never occur in their localities, stressing that as Muslims they will go with the advice given to them by Rawdatul Majaalis members based on Islamic religious principles.

Touray said they explained to Diabugu Batapa community who Islam recommends as slave, noting that in the present day generation Islam does not recommend anyone as slave.

According to Foday Mahmoud Touray, Islamic does not allow anyone to give name to someone that would bring chaos and that is why describing someone as slave in this present generation should not be encouraged at all.

“The villagers after the final discussion shook hands together as a sign of accepting to live together in harmony and they assured us that they really appreciated our visit to them as an Islamic association that was formed to bring peace and stability between Muslim Ummah and humanity in general,” Touray informed.

The Rawdatul Majaalis in a similar but separate engagement was at Salikenni village in Central Badibou District of North Bank Region. They visited the Salikenni community to discuss with them about their long time imamship crisis.

Touray informed our reporter that during their discussion with the village imam, he informed them that he is in support of the deputy imamship position be maintained by the original holders i.e. Darboe Kunda family instead of the current one.

Touray informed our reporter that they (Rawdatul Majaalis members) informed the community of Salikenni that they will go back to them so as to see how they can finally solve the crisis which is going on for almost five years now.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb