Raising public awareness on aflatoxin is essential

Friday, August 23, 2019

Director of Health Promotion and Education at the ministry of health and social welfare has said that raising public awareness on crop cancer, aflatoxin is an essential method to help save people from the dangers associated with the poisonous pollutants.

Addressing a team of FAO and other partner institution officials and farmers in Basse, during a nationwide farmer sensitisation meeting on aflatoxin, Modou Njie said the campaign started a year when he and Dr. Faye Manneh felt there is a need to create public awareness on the trend of aflatoxin situation in The Gambia.

He said Gambians were consuming crops that maybe contaminated with aflatoxin, and that was why they conceived the idea to work together to raise awareness. “The implications of aflatoxin on the human being is very high. It affects the digestive, nervous and reproductive systems,” he said.

He said aflatoxin presence in the human body can also affect the main organs and key among them is the liver and the kidney.  “The first strategy we came up with was to conduct dialogue with district authorities and the second one is to engage the traditional communicators.”

He said when farmers harvested their crops, they tend to sell the best part of the products and eat the ones that are not appropriate, because they want to satisfy their clients. “But by that, they are also causing harm to themselves and their families. That is why our message to the farmers and communities is inclusive.” 

Author: Njie Baldeh