Radio, TV inventor solicits support to achieve aspirations

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Ebrima Drammeh, a native of Brikama, in the West Coast Region, who has recently invented a radio and television, is seeking support from the government, the private sector, philanthropists, donors, NGOs, companies and individuals, who would come to his aid to enable him achieve his aspirations in life.

In an interview with The Point on Wednesday, Drammeh said his aspirations are to invent many things, but due to the lack of finance he was unable to invent those things.

Drammeh pointed out that he invented an airplane some years ago and wanted to create more things, but he didn’t have the financial muscle to do so.

‘’I really need financial support in order to realise my dreams and aspiration in life,’’ Drammeh said.

Anybody who wishes to aid Ebrima Drammeh can establish contact on this number-7127674.

Author: Lamin Darboe
Source: Picture: Ebrima Drammeh, radio and television inventor in Brikama