Qiblah on the Spotlight

Friday, February 09, 2018

Upcoming hip hop star Qiblah is storming the air waves since he brushed into the music scene few years ago. The hip hop scene has made dramatic twist for good and without doubt, Qiblah is one of Gambia’s hottest hip hop sensations.

Born Yusupha Haddi Njie, Qiblah started music in 2011 and released four hit singles; Lil Kinda, Sornal, I Get it and Senni Wahk. He is currently working with 313 Music Lebel.

Qiblah disclosed to the Point Entertainment that the name Qiblah the direction of the Holy Mosque of Kaaba where Muslims face when praying. He said at childhood stage, he is always in front when they are praying and that was why he decided to give himself the name “Qiblah.”

Music is something that Qiblah inherited as his grandmother was a singer who inspired him to also go into music. “I love singing since I was a kid and I saw myself talking to a huge crowd in my dreams. That was when I started to realized that there is a talent in me; something in my mind that people need to know,” he explained.

Author: Isatou Ceesay-Bah