Qatari diplomat hails re-opening of Gambian Embassy in Doha

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The ambassador of the State of Qatar to The Gambia has hailed the recent re-opening of The Gambian embassy in Doha, after two years of unreasonable closure by the former President Yahya Jammeh.

His Excellency Mohammed Bin Nasser Al-Kaabi was speaking on Thursday evening at a dinner reception hosted in honour of Qatar National Day held at the ambassador’s residence in Bijilo.

“On this day, I would like to mention recent development of relations between the State of Qatar and the friendly Republic of The Gambia, which has been strengthened by the two heads of state,” he said. “The re-opening of The Gambian embassy in Doha, after its unreasonable closure by the previous regime was a laudable step towards the right direction. As I speak, the newly appointed ambassador has arrived in Doha and assumed duties as head of mission after almost two years of closure”.

The Qatari diplomat also announced that his country is ready to support The Gambia in all areas of development, especially in this new government that has opened-up to the world.

According to him, his country recently donated 1500 student seats and tables to the University of The Gambia.

In the areas of cooperation, Ambassador Nasser Al-Kaabi noted that The Gambian parliament last year ratified the Convention on the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Convention on the Prevention of Financial Evasion with respect to income taxes signed between the two countries in November 2014 during the visit of the former president to Doha.

“In addition, number of bilateral agreements have already been signed,  including but not limited to, the aviation and air transport services agreement yet to enter into force, which we hope will soon get Qatar Airways operational in the region as well as the Convention on Regulation to cater for Gambian workers in the State of Qatar” he stated.

Author: Sheriff Janko