PURA intercepts ‘illegal’ GSM operator at Fajara

Monday, October 07, 2019

Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA) says it has intercepted a man who was illegally in possession of GSM operating materials at Fajara. Materials that the utility authority said it has found from the man, whose name it failed to disclose included different types of antennas including Wi-Fi and SIM card gateway among others to give signal for internet routers from Senegal, Sierra Leone and The Gambia SIM cards.

During a press conference on Friday, PURA’s legal licensing enforcement manager Ya Amie Touray, explained that their staff have been monitoring the operations of the man and produced a report that someone was making GSM operation without an enforcement regulation.

She said PURA is empowered to enter any premises that is operating Intel communication, adding that anyone found operating illegally without going through the regulating sector will have his/her operator seized and be detained, “because we are warranted by the court.”

She pointed out that they found 382 Orangé and 64 Tigo SIM cards from Senegal, 355 Sierra Leonean SIM cards, 257 Africell and 1 Gamcel SIM card, saying the individual also provided hotspot. She said the seized materials are currently under their custody. 

“We have to make sure things happening are monitored and checked as well as make known to the public to ensure illegal activities do not take place in the industry,” Solo Sima, director of center affairs at PURA said.

Amadou Nyang, a representative from the Ministry of Information and Communication Infrastructure said anyone who wants to operate Intel communication should get a license, noting that the recent discovery is a cause for concern not only to the government but also the public.

Mr. Nyang stated that what PURA did is in line with The Gambian laws and encouraged them to have the potential to do more and execute the responsibility they are tasked with.

Author: Alieu Bobb & Sanna Jallow