Pump attendants trained on operational health, safety

Friday, July 12, 2019

Gambia’s Public Utility Authority (PURA) on Wednesday concluded an operational health and safety training for pump attendants from Petroleum Retail Stations held at The Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute in Kanifing.

The Authority has been conducting basic health and safety trainings for pump attendants from all operating petrol stations in the country. The first training was conducted through a local consultant in April and the second phase of the training organized for pump attendants and station managers in LRR, CRR and NBR was conducted this month at Mansakonko.

The objective of the training is to enhance knowledge and skills on health and safety at pump stations as well as to raise awareness on applicable operational and regulatory requirements as defined in the Petroleum Products Service Station Regulation 2018, Petroleum Products Act 2016 and other guidelines and monitoring and frameworks outline by PURA.

Director General of PURA, Ansumana Sanneh said this is the third in a series of training the Authority has embarked on since the beginning of the year for pump attendants in the petroleum sector.

Following a successful training for those in the URR, LRR and NBR, Sanneh indicated that they felt the need to organise similar one in the Greater Banjul Area, being the area where most of the petroleum activities are happening.

Mr. Sanneh said PURA took over the sector a little over two years ago and they have been working towards improving standards and operational procedures in the sector.

“As pump attendants, you are the interface between the public and the petroleum sector. You have a huge responsible to ensure that you mitigate risk, but more importantly deliver the best consumer service to sustain public confidence.”

Oulay Camara, Deputy Permanent Sectary of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy said health and safety should not be the business of just those who are dealing in petrol, but rather everyone.

Author: Alieu Bobb