Prospect for Girls Vocational Programme launched

Monday, May 06, 2019

A new vocational training programme that targets to train 40 young girls on different areas of skills to build a career employment was last Tuesday launched at the Khamsys Technology in in Bijilo.

Prospect for Girls Vocational Programme is fully funded by the United States Banjul Embassy. The 40 girls to be trained have already been selected and will be trained by a three-man training team.

Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy, Kathryn Edwards reminded the selected girls that they have committed to participate in a programme that will provide them with skills. “These are skills that you can use to build a career. The United States is funding this programme because we believe in you and we believe that you are the future of The Gambia,” she said.

She told them that with the skills acquire from the training, they will be able to find substantive jobs, start their own business and become leaders in their communities.

Edwards said the programme will not only provide the participants with trade tools but it will provide the skills for them to be economically independent. “US and The Gambia share a strong partnership and this programme is part of that. We believe in women empowerment and in the power of youth, we are proud to support you to gain the skills to follow your dreams.”

Fatoumatta Kassama, programmes manager of Prospect for Girls Vocational Programme said, empowering young women and girls is empowering the entire nation, saying the vocational programme exists to train and empower women and girls through income generation skills and entrepreneurship. “We also exist to empower them to become independent and self employed, to create, enhance and develop vocational skills for women and girls, and to allow them to build professional careers in their field of interest.”

According to her, they have earlier trained thirty people on designing, business and entrepreneurship in 2018. 

Author: Alieu Bobb