Project Gambia supports St. John’s school

Friday, November 10, 2017

Scottish-based charity, Project Gambia: “People Feeding People” has supported St. John’s School for the Deaf with food items worth four hundred and forty-four thousand, seven hundred and fifty dalasis (D444, 750).

The materials that was handed over to the school on 8 November 2017 included 150 bags of rice, 20 gallons of cooking oil, 12 cartons of corned beef, 15 cartons of tomato paste, 12 bags of flower, 15 bags of omo, 15 bags of macaroni, a carton of baking powder, 50 bags of onion, 15 cartons of garlic, a half bag of black pepper, 50 cartons of chicken, a carton of lime, a carton of vinegar, 15 boxes of soap, 4 cartons of Bop spray, 5 packets of scraps, 10 bags of sugar, 40 bags of potato and 5 bags of salt.

The charity also brought cooking oil from Scotland for the school.

Speaking at the presentation, Frank Devine, Chairperson of Project Gambia, said they realized that the school was not getting enough support which was why they decided to set up a school feeding program for the school to ensure children are properly fed during the day.

He added that if kids are getting fed at the school their parents are more likely to send them to school, which was why they have been supporting the school over the past 5 years.

Mr Devine noted that they are determined to do as much as they could to raise money in Scotland for the school.

He highlighted that the school feeding program would always be their priority, adding that they are also working on purchasing a school bus for the children of the school to facilitate their mobility.

“We want to help the school in many ways possible,” he stated.

Alasan Camara, Gambia Manager for Project Gambia, recalled that last year they bought 2 school uniforms for each student.

He added that they plan to suspend the D2 contribution per plate for each student by paying for the rest of the academic year for each student.

According to him, they plan to spend 13, 000 pounds on the school this year.

Daniel Mendy, Principal of St. John’s School for the Deaf, expressed delight at hearing the news of having a new bus in the near future as the 2 they have are old and frequently breakdown.

Mr Mendy said the sugar bought this year could see them through the academic year, saying the gesture was truly magnanimous and they appreciated it.

Amadou Touray, honorary life chairman of the Parent Teachers Association described Mr Camara as a first class citizen who has consideration for his fellow citizens.

He added that the school is not only serving The Gambia but the sub-region and, as such, whatever one is doing to support the school is highly welcome.

He pointed out that when the students do not have a meal they keep crossing the road looking for food, which he added, was very dangerous as they could be knocked by a vehicle.

He thanked the donors, as well as everyone that have contributed in supporting the charity in Scotland.

Fr. Michael Ndeeky, Assistant Education Secretary Catholic Education Sector, described the donation as something important in the lives of the students, adding that it would motivate, help and ensure the students are healthy and able to focus in class. 

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb