Project director: Time Release Study should be fully embraced

Friday, February 15, 2019

Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) director of risk management enterprise and reform modernisation on Monday said as Gambia is enduring a debt stress of 130% of GDP, any project that would promote and facilitate trade will be encouraged.

Alieu Bittaye, also the director of Time Release Study (TRS) project said Gambia must fully embrace the TRS project as it will go a long way in providing solution to some of the country’s challenging situations.

Time Release Study is one of the methods used for the review of clearance procedures to measure the average time taken between the arrival of the goods and their release

Addressing the closing of a five-day Time Release Study (TRS) training organised by WCORCB and supported by GIZ, Alagie K Mbye said the two institutions have been rendering support in enhancing GRA staff to become more responsive to their daily duties.

Mr. Bittaye said the programme will in no small measure, significantly contribute to the improvement of customs service to the business community and to the socio-economic lives of The Gambian people.

According to him, the TRS project has an overall objective to implement priority trade facilitation measures of the WTO-TFA, including enabling Gambia to periodically measure clearance and release times (by the use of WCO Time Release Study) and implement concrete measures to speed up clearance of commercial goods.

He said the project also targets to develop Gambian authorities’ holistic and intelligence based risk management in line with international standards.

He said it is evident that the conduct of a Time Release Study as shown in other countries where it had been conducted has significantly led to a number of benefits. “It will help Gambia to identify the bottlenecks in the supply chain and provide sound basis to plan and implement redress measures to reduce trade time cost. It will also provide necessary data to better inform GRA’s engagement with other supply chain members in line with coordinated border management.”

Mr. Bittaye said the GRA management being aware of the importance of the project has already put up necessary structures for its successful implementation, saying he is convinced that it will be successfully implemented within stipulated time.

“We wish to take this opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the GIZ for conceiving and funding this project. We also wish to thank WCO and the office of the ROCB for providing all necessary technical expertise in the project implementation.” 

Author: Fatou Dem