Project Aid reopens Jahaly-Madina Kindergarten

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Project Aid The Gambia (International NGO A57) would like to inform the general public that Jahaly-Madina Kindergarten in Jahaly, CRR, would resume operations from 1 November 2017 after a more than five months impasse.

Project Aid The Gambia, a German/Gambian NGO running Jahaly Health Centre, announced yesterday at their headquarters in Manjai Kunda.

As of now parents in the areas of Jahaly and Madina are invited to enroll their children for the academic year 2017/2018.

The Kindergarten had to close down on 20 May 2017, after a joint resignation of all staff.

Negotiations with the former staff have now led to the reopening of the kindergarten under a new acting management of Bakary Jammeh, former staff member and Mai Manneh.

Mr Jammeh and Mrs Manneh are acting as equal deputy Headmaster /Headmistress for the next six months until a new headmaster will be appointed by Project Aid The Gambia.

All kindergarten staffs have signed new working contracts with Project Aid The Gambia.

Since the grand opening of Jahaly-Madina Kindergarten in 2004, the non-local staff is granted free housing, 24/7 water supply and sun-powered electricity by the project, at the compound of neighbouring Jahaly Health Centre.

Projects Aid The Gambia had sought to hand over the kindergarten staff to the Ministry of Education while at the same time being responsible for the maintenance of all buildings and kindergarten equipment as well as of learning and playing materials.

As the Project could not reach an agreement with the Ministry, both German and Gambian Board of the charity organization decided to resume operations as soon as possible.

“We are glad to have found a solution for the reopening of the kindergarten. We were pressed by the local parents several times to do so” says Mathias Ketteler, chairman and founder of Project Aid The Gambia. “The children of Jahaly and Madina should no longer pay the price for the impasse.”

The Jahaly-Madina Kindergarten is able to take care of up to 480 children from the ages of four to seven years. Project Aid The Gambia provides free school uniforms and a free meal for their pupils.

Since 1986 “Project Aid The Gambia” (International NGO 57) has been running several projects in The Gambia. The focus of the activities lies on the sister villages Jahaly and Madina of CRR, located in the South Bank in a 270 Kilometer distance from the Kombo region.

A Small Gambian management team is organizing the projects on the ground. The German NGO, also called “Project Aid The Gambia” is funding the Gambian Project Aid.

The organization in Germany has got about 50 members and about 320 friends and supporters, who donated for the projects and organised  fundraising events.

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