Professional taekwondo promotes 36 students

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Professional Taekwondo The Gambia - PTG over the weekend promoted 36 students to various belt holder levels at their main office in Fajara.

18 of them were promoted from white belt to orange belt, 17 orange belt holders to pink and one pink to green belt.

Master of the school Fernando Abaga Edjang remarked that they are associated with professional taekwondo school in New York, owned and managed by his grand master Kwang Sup Kim, 8th Dan black belt and a former world heavy weight champion and eight times national champion of South Korea.

Mr. Edjang highlighted that their classes follow both Kukkiwon/ World Taekwondo Federation –WTF- Olympic sports style solidly supported by comprehensive education in traditional taekwondo, including hang fighting, self-defense, grappling, sitting and techniques. “PTG offers a well-rounded training programme encompassing agility, speed, strength, forms and self-defense. We train students of all ages and effectively deliver all the benefits of taekwondo practice such as improved muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness, lower stress levels, energy and greater flexibility,” Mr. Edjang said.

Secretary General Cherno Abubacarr Jallow thanked the promoted students and their loved ones, saying their doors are open for whoever is interested in martial arts to build strong body and good health. 

Author: Lamin Darboe