Professional Taekwondo Gambia set to promote 36 students

Monday, February 12, 2018

Following the promotion of its first badge of 20 students on 23rd December 2017, Professional Taekwondo Gambia is set to promote another 36 students who will be tested in the first week of April 2018.

The first rank promotion test saw 1 student promoted from Yellow to Orange Belt while 19 students were promoted from White to Yellow Belt. The promotion will be done based on merit according to the founder of the school, Master Fernando Abaga Adjang.

Master Adjang said 19 students will be promoted from White to Yellow Belt; 16 students from Yellow to Orange Belt and 1 student from Orange to Green Belt. The exact date for the test will be announced in due course. He said preparations for the promotion are already on-going. “The Taekwondo festival will be one of a kind in The Gambia,” he said.

The school was opened on 26th August 2017 and has registered over 116 students within 6 months of its existence in the country. Taekwondo was conceived and designed as a Martial Art intended exclusively for combat and never for sport. However, Taekwondo is now mostly known as a sport, especially since it became an Olympic sport.

Many Masters and Grand Masters are trying to counter this by highlighting Traditional Taekwondo in their schools. Professional Taekwondo Gambia trains student from different age categories.

Author: Lamin Fadera