Professional Taekwondo Gambia conducts 4th Rank promotional test

Monday, December 31, 2018

Professional Taekwondo Gambia has recently conducted their 4th Rank promotional test where over 40 students were tested and promoted to yellow, orange, green and blue belts, held at their head office in Fajara.

Professional Taekwondo Gambia is an upscale school that trains people on Taekwondo. It has registered about 200 students both men and women.

Fernando Abaga Edjang, general manager of Professional Taekwondo Gambia said the training was unprecedented in The Gambia martial arts scene that adheres to international standards underpinned by strong discipline.

He said they organized the promotional test to facilitate the promotion of their students to the next belt levels. “Today’s event is the first promotional rank test organized by this school and is an opportunity to allow students to proceed to the next level,” mr. Edjang said, “We have students going from white to yellow belt and others from yellow to green and from green to blue.”

 he added that school was established in June, 2017 and started training in September 2017, saying that they spent a lot of money to keep the place running geared towards nation investment.  

Author: Sanna Jallow