Prof Gomez calls for massive educational change

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Prof. Gomez, the dean of Arts and Sciences at the University of The Gambia (UTG) has called on The Gambia government and responsible citizens of this great nation to massively change the educational system of our country.

He made these remarks on Sunday at a symposium organised by the Gambia Foundation for Education, Democracy and Development (GAM FEDD), held at the American Corner, on Kairaba Avenue.

He said our educational system needs to be restructured, saying some of the students are not learning because they don’t have good teachers. He added that many unqualified teachers should not teach because the name unqualified already disqualifies them to teach.

Prof. Gomez argued that other countries like Finland, where before you teach; must have a degree and Teachers’ Learning Education to qualify you as a teacher. He said students of today most refuse to be parasite and must always feel that they have what it takes to be there and not to be spoon-fed.

The UGT Prof. further explained that education helps you to know who you are and helps prepare for your future as it is about identity. Education is the road to freedom, he argues. “That’s; once you have education, you will never be the same again; you will not accept somebody to belittle you and you never accept a low goal. That’s the type of education we are talking about.”

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. The nation is calling; our New Gambia is calling; you have a role to play.”

“Those who know should teach those who don’t know and that’s your role, so that people understand that they need to be very active to polish into the things that is going on the city,” he said.

Prof. Jared Bell explained that the current president Adama Barrow said he doesn’t want to prosecute members of the former regime because he wants to move the country forward.

“All Gambians are the victims of the former regime because the money that Yahya Jammeh stole from the Treasury is money that could be used to develop the Gambia to invest in education, roads, electricity and community development,” he said.

He lamented that transitional justice is an expensive process because the government has to hire lawyers and experts to come forwards, which he said costs a huge amount of money.

Author: Pa Modou Cham