Producer challenges Gambian authorities on visa and royalties

Monday, October 15, 2018

(Friday 12th October, 2018 Issue)

Senegalese artiste and producer Fafadi has challenged Gambian authorities to execute their duties to artistes in their country, addressing that royalty and visa payment for performances abroad should be considered.

Last year, artiste Big Faa and ST were refused visas to the UK. Earlier this year, Jali Madi canceled a tour to Europe after some members of his band could not get visas.

In a complaint posted online last year, the artistw ENC said: “Government and your related institutions, can you please listen to the youths and feel their pain. Can we take some professional and genuine steps and get some sort of petition out there. It’s about time, or else it’s going to be nearly impossible for a Gambian youth to export our country’s name/brand/culture out there in any way.”

Fafadi said the government should help out, saying, “The Gambia is blessed with many talented artistes but yet they find it very difficult to have visas for international performances. What is the government of the Gambia doing about this? This is a question we should be asking ourselves.”

He said Gambian music cannot be expected to reach a certain level if musicians are not granted the opportunity to move around the world. “Gambian artistes are very hard working and their struggle to make a name for the country is visible,” he explained.

The award-winning artiste also said Gambian and Senegalese musicians need to support one another because both countries are like family.

Author: Pa Modou Cham