Press statement on anonymous donations

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The organization is deeply concern about recent Press Secretary Office of the President’s statement on 57 vehicles that is said to be a donation from an anonymous that also happen to patronage the President in recent past. Furthermore the organization is extremely worried about the secrecy surrounding asset declarations by the cabinet. In addition, the organization seriously deplores ways and means by which public servants have been appointed without due compliance to anti-corruption procedure thereby the actions of the government of Mr. Adama Barrow is a violation in particular Article 7: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 of the AU Convention on Prevention and Combatting Corruption (2003-2006). In addition allowing public officials to occupy positions without vetting is a violation of Article 1: C of the United Nations Convention against Corruption. The government of Mr. Adama Barrow has to respect fundamental principles that prevent corruption and corrupt practices.

The organization therefore wishes to add its voice to issues raised by the silent majority of the peace loving people of The Gambia and to ask the presidency of Mr. Adama Barrow to be mindful of his task to manage the reputation of the country and that of himself and his cabinet and to avoid doing things that will undermine the trust the people have vested in him.

The organization also calls on the government of Mr. Adama Barrow to:

•           Revile the source or sources of the 57 brand new vehicles without any further delay,

•           Make public all declared asset of the cabinet and public service appointee by posting such online

•           Subject public appointees to vetting by competent authority of the country

•           Do all that it takes to build a trusted government and very trusted society.

•           Do all he can to ensure existence of anti-corruption body that factor in civil society representation.

ACIG further calls on the incumbent to respect ethics as enshrine in the Gambian Constitution and other relevant instruments that The Gambia had ratified. 

Sign: Michael Davies

Source: Picture: Corruption is like paying tax to criminals. Join us to stop corruption