Press Release No 2/2019 – Suspension of Bikers in Distribution of Bread

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Given the current market failure in the bread industry, and after thorough negotiations with the operators in the entire value chain, and consultations with regulatory authorities and including the National Assembly Select Committee on Trade to regularized the situation, parties could not agree on a consensus solution.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment, has therefore decided to temporarily suspend operations of all bikers (including bicycles) from Kanifing Municipality to Brikamain the distribution of bread with immediate effect for a period of three months. This decision is to allow Ministry to put in place a long-lasting solution (regulatory instrument) for the conduct of business in the bread sector.

In the areas mentioned, bakeries are therefore responsible for the distribution of their own bread to the community. In this regard, bakeries should supply bread directly to shops or kiosks for sales of bread. Shops and kiosksareequally urged to get their supplies directly from any bakery they want to get the supplies from.

To ensure sanity in the industry, the Ministry of Trade has included bread as an essential commodity through Legal Notice5 of 2019and henceforth operators in the bread industry including distributors, will be required to comply with the requirements set by the Ministry for production and distribution of bread.

The General public is further informed that the Ministry is finalizinga regulation on bread which will ensure standard, quality, safety and hygiene in the productionand distribution of bread. Once the development of the regulation is completed, operators will be required to register as a business and obtain a license from Food Safety and Quality Authority to operate.

The cooperation of the general public and operators in the bread industry is highly solicited.