Presidential campaign claims 11 lives in Senegal

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The presidential campaign which started on 3 February, 2019, in Senegal has so far claimed the lives of 11 individuals. Out of the 11 deaths, eight were killed in an accident, sources say.

Four of the victims were security officers (gendarme) and the other four were civilians.

On Monday, at Tambacounda in the eastern part of Senegal, three supporters of incumbent President Macky Sall were killed, and 30 seriously injured including three journalists. Their car and equipment were all burnt by members of one of opposition PUR (United Party and Amalgamate) candidates, Issa Sall, who is standing for the first time as a presidential candidate. A total of 27 journalists are covering the campaign of Issa Sall, but the management of TFM has announced the withdrawal of their reporters from his campaign as a result of the Tambacounda incident.

Most of the members of PUR were armed with cutlasses, bats and stones fighting supporters of President Macky Sall, reports say.

President Macky warned troublemakers that the law will take its full course.

Amnesty International has appealed to all the 5 presidential candidates and their supporters to maintain peace during and after the elections.

The election is scheduled for 24 February 2019.

Reports have it that 24 private security personnel of Issa Sall were all arrested in connection with the matter.

The Senegalese minister of the Interior responsible for elections, Aly Ngouille Ndiaye, said all the five candidates will have security police and gendarmes effective 12 February.