President Sall’s brother resigns

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The brother of Senegal’s president, Aliou Sall, has resigned as head of a state-run savings fund after a BBC story named him in a report over alleged corruption.

He disclosed this on Monday, while denying the allegation, saying: “I have no interest in petrol and I never hold a single dollar with regard to my allegation.”

“I believe if anybody has something against someone, should show evidence to the justice but I can tell you that the allegation was raised to make people dislike me and my family,” he said.

The report alleged that Aliou Sall was secretly paid $250,000 (£196,300) in 2014 by a gas company that sold its shares in Senegalese gas fields to BP.

But Mr. Sall has denied the claims, calling them part of a campaign to make him “public enemy number one.”

Senegal’s attorney general said an investigation has been launched.

“This unfortunate controversy is based only on untruths,” Mr. Sall said in a statement.

In 2012, Senegal’s then government awarded exploration rights for two offshore oil and gas fields to Petro-Tim. The firm was part of Timis Corporation, run by Romanian-Australian business tycoon Frank Timis.

The company had no previous experience in oil and gas exploration and an investigation ordered by President Macky Sall after he took office, concluded that Petro-Tim should lose its concessions. President Sall still pushed the deal ahead, leading to protests in Senegal.

According to the BBC investigation, his brother was later hired by Timis Corporation and paid $1.5m (£1.18m) over five years. Aliou Sall was also promised shares in some of Mr. Timis’s companies which were worth $3m.

However, Sall denied all allegations and said the truth shall expose in the future.

Author: Pa Modou Cham