President expresses admiration for GMC leader

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

President Adama Barrow has lavished praises on Mai Ahmad Fatty, the leader of Gambia Moral Congress, describing him as an honest party leader.  He added that Mr. Fatty is someone he likes and has special admiration for him.

Speaking at a political rally held at Foday Kunda in Wuli, Mr. Barrow disclosed that he had personally called Mai Fatty and Sedia Jatta to attend the said rally.

Mr. Fatty in return described President Barrow as a ‘hardworking’ leader.

“Barrow seeks to develop the country. He is from this region and we will support him before supporting anybody, this is a commitment from us,” said Mr. Fatty of President Barrow.

He said that he had a special relationship with Barrow even before politics, adding that people of Wuli will not associate politics with Barrow.

He noted that whosoever wants to bring politics between the people of Wuli and Barrow, then the person is still sleeping and he/she will keep on sleeping. “I have seen yesterday and if yesterday don’t come, there will be no today. If the president develops Wuli, then the country will also develop.”

He said people of Wuli know that since their ancestors, all what they were crying for is good roads, electricity and water, which President Barrow is bringing to make their dreams come through.

“We know that since Jawara’s time, we the people of Wuli were isolated for development. The money President Barrow brings to the country since he took power is unprecedented.

He called on very Gambian to support President Barrow for national development.

Hon. Sedia Jatta, the lawmaker for Wuli West, said national development works with strategies and youths should be involved to play their part.

Hamat Bah, the tourism minister disclosed that President Barrow is the fourth best President in Africa.

Author: Pa Modou Cham
Source: Picture: Mai Ahmad Fatty & President