President Barrow’s government has no direction GDC Youth Mobilizer Says

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Modou Cham, the youth mobilzer of Gambia Democratic Congress has said that President Barrow’s government has no direction in making good governance, stating that “we only have regime change but not system change.”

Mr. Cham alias M.C. Cham said the current government has failed it promises and responsibilities to the Gambian people.

He said the only development they did was changing the age limit which he said was their area of interest.

In an interviewed with The Point, Mr. Cham also shared his opinion on the current major Cabinet reshuffle; that since the president has applied his executive powers to reshuffle his Cabinet, President Barrow should appoint youths to hold public offices rather than appointing old age Gambians.

 He said there are good academic and competent Gambians that are fit to be in public offices and surely they will deliver to expectations.

He said this is one of the reasons why President Barrow and his team cannot deliver to expectations.

Mr. Cham said the GDC party leader, Mama Kandeh, has said to President Barrow that he needs to dissolve his Cabinet if they were not delivering to expectations; Cham clearly explains that President Barrow has taken the advice of Mr. Kandeh and has exercised it, but he said that the advice has been executed but the current choice of decisions on Cabinet reshuffle has not yet change the country’s situation.

M.C. Cham said that having Ousainou Darboe as our newly elected vice president who he said is the principal assistant to the president and among other appointed political  leaders should be moved to the National Assemble and give chances to other competent young Gambians.

Cham said President Barrow should appoint competent technocrats that can deliver to great expectations as The Gambia is in a critical situation.

He said that President Barrow should step down and accept general elections at the end of his three years agreement.

Read the full text of Mr. Cham’s interview in our Thursday’s edition.

Author: Mamour M. Mbenga
Source: Picture: Modou Cham, the youth mobilzer ,GDC