President Barrow pledges more development for Jarra, Kiang

Monday, April 29, 2019

President Adama Barrow has pledged to deliver more development projects for Lower River Region areas of Jarra and Kiang in an unprecedented levels than they have ever dreamed of since The Gambia became independent.

Mr. Barrow gave the promise when the people of the two areas flocked to the State House on Saturday to show solidarity with him and support for his development agenda. The delegations where led to Banjul by their six district chiefs and the President could not hide his excitement at the turnout.

“For decades, you’ve been marginalized. Today, you will have whatever you desire from my government,” Mr. Barrow told the gathering, comprising of youth, women and men of voter ages.

He said water, electricity and road projects are just the beginning of greater things to come to the Jarra and Kiang, promising that their struggles for his victory at the polls will not go in vain, hence the courtesy call was deeply appreciated.

“Your support to me since I began seeking mandate for presidency has not been lacking,” President Barrow told them, and added, “Despite claims of you not supporting my development agenda, your turnout here today will put such claims to shame.”

He said his victory in the 2016 election wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the people of Jarra and the Kiang.

Mr. Barrow told the people of the two areas that he is not in the business of making campaign promises and failing to deliver such promises once he is into office, hence the development projects in roads, electricity and water supply they are witnessing in their communities today.

He pledged even more projects than what is currently going on, saying their dreams have become reality today, maintaining that he will continue to support their development aspirations.