President Barrow evokes spirit of Nationalism

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

President Barrow has delivered a resounding New Year message that evokes the rough transition he had gone through and also the spirit of nationalism.

The president acknowledged that Gambians deserve applause for taking the bull by it horns by ending decades of dictatorship that gripped the country and suppressed its potential to grow.

On the international front, the president said Yahya Jammeh’s two decades of dictatorship had dwarfed our spirits and confidence to compete on the global stage. “This is not just an incredible feat but a clear manifestation that with the collective efforts and sacrifice of Gambians here and abroad, no challenge facing our country is impossible for us to handle.”

Barrow, in his spirit for nationalism, pointed out how much he believed in his country and how he never doubted the great potentials the country has to rebuilding, putting into account the scale of human resources and the geographical advantage.

The president was also honest with the people, acknowledging that the challenges are high but not insurmountable. He said that with the collective efforts and sacrifice of Gambians here and abroad, no challenge facing our country is impossible for us to handle.

But what could be more petrifying about the president’s speech is the over one billion dollars that is grappling The Gambia as debt. To pay this huge amount of money, it is estimated as equivalent to each household owing US$4500. This makes it possible to suggest that over the past two decades, Yahya Jammeh has been constantly borrowing money and use it for his personal reasons.

In realistic terms, the amount of money borrowed over the past 22 years compared with the magnitude of development we have seen is an indication that the Jammeh administration did very little in terms of economic and infrastructural development. This has given weight to the fact that Jammeh was only taking credit for what he actually did not deserve.

Jammeh had no confidence in the country’s human resources and believed in only people who demonstrated their unabashed loyalty to him and the APRC. He appointed these people to important, sensitive positions to consolidate his presidency. Unlike Jammeh, President Barrow reaffirmed his unyielding belief and confidence not only in his administration, but more so the Gambians to collectively transform the economy, deepen our democracy and rule of law.

Today marks exactly one year since Barrow got elected to lead our country in a different direction. One of the reasons was to restore our lost glory, prestige democracy for 22 years and to maintain the rule.

We hope and pray that 2018 be a prosperous year for all Gambians and those residing in The Gambia.

“Nations whose nationalism is destroyed are subject to ruin.”

Muammar al-Gaddafi