PPP to contest for more seats in Local Gov’t Election

Monday, February 12, 2018

Kebba Jallow, chairman, People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) Organising Committee has said that they will put up as many candidates as possible for the forthcoming Local Government elections.

Speaking in an interview with our reporter, Mr. Jallow said the party may not be able to put up candidates for all the seats but will put up candidates where they feel they are strong.

He said the party will put up candidates for the Banjul and Kanifing Municipal Council mayoral seats as well as put up candidates for the various area councils across the country.

He stated that the party is well alive and that it’s confident of regaining most of its lost seats to other parties.

Mr Jallow who returned to the country shortly after the down fall of dictator Yahya Jammeh after 22 years in exile said he is extremely happy to be back home.

He noted that with the help of Gambians both at home and abroad; “we have regained our country through the efforts of the Coalition,” adding that with the leadership of President Barrow, he feels so honoured to be fully integrated into the Gambian society.

He pointed out that the country is moving well; arguing that one year for a new government like ours is too short to restore all that has been lost.

He admitted that he feels so free that he could go out at night without any fear.

“The country is at peace despite the few incidents”, he said. “The government is striving very hard to put things in order”.

Meanwhile Mr. Jallow said the PPP has been busy conducting meetings with stakeholders within the Greater Banjul Area, West Coast Region, Jassong, Bureng, Sutukung, Pakaliba, Dongoroba, Kerewan Samba Sira, Dankunku, Kerr Biran Jobe and Sabi in Basse among other communities.

They are also expected to hold meetings in Gunjur and Kiang West.

The party recently held an election at the home of the party leader Hon. Omar A. Jallow to elect committee members to assist in the reorganisation of the party, he disclosed. 

“The task of the recently elected committee members is to reorganise the party to have committees in various wards, villages, towns, constituencies and at regional levels; to sponsor candidates.”

Among those elected during the election are: Kebba Jallow as Chairman of the Organising Committee, Hon. Duta Kamaso as 1st Vice Chairman responsible for Propaganda, Cansular Sanusi Touray as 2nd Vice Chairman, Alh. Modou Lamin Touray as Secretary General, Abdoulie Bah as 1st Assistand Secretary General, Ebrima S. Jallow as 2nd Assistant Secretary General, Saikou Manka as Treasurer, Daba Jah as Auditor, Mam Fatou Njie as Auditor No.2, Aminata Corea as Media Officer, and Hon. Momodou Ndow, Hon. Fatoumata Njie and Jane Marong as Trustees.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb
Source: Picture: PPP’s Organising Committee Chairman Kebba Jallow