PPP prepares for new leadership

Thursday, March 29, 2018

“The Peoples’ Progressive Party (PPP) is on resurgence, preparing for new leadership through Congress to be held in due course,” said Kebba Jallow, chairman of the PPP Task-force Committee.

He said they will in weeks’ time announce their contenders for the Mayoral and Chairmanship, noting that 32 Ward Councilors have been approved by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to contest the upcoming Local Government (LG) Elections on 12 April 2018.

Mayoral and candidates for chairmanship to be disclose; 32 lined up race for LG elections he added

He noted that their party is embarking on resurgence, and will contest all elective offices including presidency.

He further said beside the ward council elections, they will contest in the upcoming mayoral and chairman seats in May 2018, and will in due course disclose their candidates for the all the regions.

PPP Campaign Team, led by Kebba Jallow, chairman of the Task-force Committee recently returned from a countrywide tour to finalise their candidate selection process.

Mr. Jallow recollected in an interview with this reporter at his office along Bertril Herding Highway that for the first time since PPP government was unconstitutionally removed from power by the military in 1994, the PPP is making a comeback by sponsoring ward councilors, mayors and chairmen to contest the upcoming Local Government Elections.

“We have nominated 32 winnable candidates throughout the country, including a female candidate-Fatima Jobe for Njau Ward in Upper Saloum District.

“We have 95 percent youth candidates, below 35 years. We are calling on the youth to embrace the party, which has ruled the country for 30 years, with peace, progress, rule of law and observance of human rights. We are calling on members of PPP, especially the elderly to embrace the party of our for-bearers. We are rebuilding the party for the benefit of today and tomorrow of The Gambia.

“The PPP is open to all Gambians, both here and the diaspora. We are grateful to Gambians in the diaspora, especially U.S.A., led by Mr. Sankung Jawara and the U.K. led by Siaka Sonko.

“The party is preparing for new leadership and we will from henceforth contest for any elective office in the country.

“I am extremely grateful that the former Vice President – Hon. BB Darboe, Hon. Dembo Jatta, and Hon. Yaya Ceesay are available and willing to throw support on behalf of the party,” Mr. Jallow asserted.

He further commended Hon. Omar Jallow, alias O.J. for his extraordinary efforts taken to sustain and maintain the party throughout all these difficult years.

Author: Madi S. Njie
Source: Picture:Kebba Jallow, chairman of the PPP Task-force Committee