PPP chairman upbeat in council elections

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Organising Committee chairman of Peoples’ Progressive Party (PPP) said he is optimistic of his party’s triumph in tomorrow’s local councilors election.

Speaking to this reporter yesterday, Kebba Jallow, “We put up 32 candidates for the councilor elections throughout the country and after touring the country, we are ready to jubilate by Thursday evening as PPP will come back again on top with strength.”

Mr. Jallow pointed out that the candidates they put up are mature, sensitive, knowledgeable, experienced, young and intelligent, saying they are hopeful that the next generation of PPP is going to be a strong one.

Mr. Jallow, who conducted a nationwide tour with the party leader Omar Jallow (OJ) also said the message they gave to their electorates has filtered down to the last person they met, saying that the party dominated the country for many years and also left a good legacy and had a positive impact in the lives of Gambians for decades. “People have not forgotten what Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara did for the country during the first republic.’

 He also appealed to people who were members of PPP but joined other parties to come back to the fold, saying PPP is back on track and has a track record of good governance, rule of law and deliverance.

He further appealed to Gambian electorates to rethink the good old days they enjoyed during the first republic and to give PPP a chance again to regain their lost glory, saying they want to continue from where they stopped during the first republic. 

Mr. Jallow also told this reporter that they are working to put up their mayoral and chairmen candidates for various councils particularly in up-country. For Kanifing and Banjul, he said they are trying to see if they can team up with some candidates for a strategic alliance but have not decided yet and will wait for the conclusion of the councilor elections. 

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb