Poultry businessman wants government subsidy

Thursday, January 04, 2018

A poultry businessmen, Musa A. Sowe, has called on the government to subsidise poultry farming for farmers to rear to meet market demand.

This, he said, would enable them to expand with a view to employing youth and women to cut down the rate of unemployment in the country.

Mr Sowe said he was into cyber café business but with the advent of the smart phone, business dipped for him so he decided to venture into poultry business in 2015 as it’s a daily consumable.

He said he had layers that are meant for eggs and broilers for poultry that could mature from six to eight weeks, adding that making a case study, he started with a few birds and that his family and neighborhood supported the business to grow.

It has been a success story since he ventured into the poultry business, he stated, adding that he became the secretary to Gambia poultry society whose aim and objective is to produce quality poultry, locally reared chicken and eggs in The Gambia for consumers.

“I am supplying supermarkets, private individuals and the demand is high,” he stated.

The imported eggs and the chicken are killing the local industry as some prefer to buy imported chicken and eggs because it’s cheaper not considering the quality, he lamented.

He also called on the youth to venture into entrepreneurship to help develop the country, saying that there is a future in the poultry business.

Mr Sowe, a resident of Bakoteh, also said he has been a victim of numerous attacks by thieves leading to the loss of about 40 chickens and called on government for help in that area.

Author: Rose Zahra Gomez