Positive Deviances Volunteers making impact on FGM in Foni

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Seventy-seven Positive Deviances Volunteers who were selected and trained by Health Promotion and Development Organization (HePDO) in partnership with Foni Kansala and Bintang District communities through the support of UNICEF are making great impact in the Foni towards the elimination of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

With the support of the United Nations Children’s Fund –UNICEF- HePDO is piloting a three-month project which started in December, last year. It is geared towards the elimination of the decades old traditional practice of Female Genital Mutilation. Alhagie Tambajang, a senior programme coordinator of the project said the objectives of the pilot project are to educate selected positive deviance individuals on the dangers of female genital mutilation, teach them data collection and to equip them with home visit techniques.

He noted that two months into the implementation of the project, the positive deviance individuals have made remarkable achievements and all the volunteers are regularly conducting home visits and counseling sessions.

He pointed out that positive deviance project members are working with communicators and advocates against FGM in 20 communities in Foni, saying within the short period of the project in the two districts in Foni, volunteers are making positive moves in sensitizing communities about FGM.

Fatou Marr, a women leader in Foni noted that when they started the project, it was very difficult for some people to understand but now communities have changed and most of them are no longer practicing FGM.

Agie Manga and Agie Sunkaru Sanyang, woman leaders said the project has helped their communities and they now talk to both women and men during their home visits.

Jacomba Jarju, a volunteer of the project thanked HePDO and UNICEF for bringing such an important project to them.