Political thuggery, insanity must end

Friday, January 12, 2018

It’s hard to tell who is right or wrong but what is for sure is that the spate of political thuggery and insanity that grips the country few days ago must end.

One may say that this had not been the case in the day of Dictator Jammeh but no matter how much we rationalise it, the political thuggery must be stopped. We are not here to tell the public who should face justice but the police must launch an investigation into the matters and make sure that those responsible are brought to justice.

The insanity of tribal politics is getting deeply rooted and it requires to be thwarted and the skillful person to attempt the operation is the government and its partners. The spat of political incidents that happened in Mankamang Kunda, Brikama and Busumbala are convincing enough to suggest more needs to be done to bind the political wound grappling this tiny country of ours.

Two years ago, there was no democracy in this country – the fear of mysterious disappearance and torture had silenced everybody including those in the then ruling party. If that is the case, and the country today with its new found freedom and democracy – we should not take laws into our own hands to exercise what is wrong over what we all know is right.

We therefore call on both sides to refrain and conform themselves to the dictates of the laws governing this nation.

The authorities in the country have a daunting task to bring together a politically divided country like ours, but we all have a role to play as responsible citizens. It’s cheap to point fingers at government when society runs into chaos but it’s equally easy to fail to take responsibility by helping the government to resolve the problem.

In as much as the nation is hugely divided politically, no government would boast seeing it citizens running into trouble. The Busumbala case is unfortunate, but could we jump into conclusion without thorough investigation to know who is wrong and who is right.

But what is certain for sure, was the political maturity the government has demonstrated in putting the situation under control. The presence of heads of different security apparatus had help calmed the situation. The high sense of maturity demonstrated by personnel of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) has been commended. That’s what security is all about – professionalism and responsibility.

Gambia’s deputy army chief, Yankuba Drammeh is right when he said that peace and tranquility that the country is known for in Africa and beyond should be maintained, adding that conflict provokes and unprovoked.

“If we allow conflict to creep in, virtually everybody is a loser directly or indirectly,” he said. “So we should work towards maintaining the peace and tranquility of this country irrespective of our political affiliations.”

We therefore call an immediate end to this kinds of political disunity.

“Political thuggery, Insanity is knowing that what you’re doing is completely idiotic, but still, somehow, you just can’t stop it.”
Elizabeth Wurtzel