Police probe to recover over 3M CFA

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The police are currently on a marathon investigation to recover 2,770.000 CFA amounting to D234.448 alleged to have been stolen from the Y2K Apartment along the Kairaba Avenue, The Point learnt.

The money according to our sources was meant to pay workshop participants who were currently undergoing five days intensive capacity building training at Ocean Bay Hotel in Bakau.

Speaking to our reporter, Ouedraogo Jean Claude, database expert of Ecoagris/ Agrhyment based in Niamey Benin who was the man conducting the training in The Gambia described the incident as “unfortunate”.

Mr. Claude explained that he was staying at the apartment since on Sunday December 10. “It was on Tuesday around 9 p.m. when I step out of the apartment and leave my back containing the money inside the house. To my surprise, when I came back and opened the bag, I did not find any money inside the bag,” he said in emotion.

He added that he was having D11,000 that belongs to him, while the other money was meant to pay the 22 workshop participants drawn from difference institutions in the country.

The matter, he went on, has being reported to the police. “What surprises me is the fact that the room where I was staying was only having two keys of which one was with me and the other key was with the management of the guest house. Besides the door of my room was not broken,” he said.

The Police, however, confirmed that the matter has been reported are they were investigating it.

Meanwhile, efforts to reach the management of the Y2K Apartment proved futile.

Author: Momodou Jawo