Police officer allegedly receives €500 bribe

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Baba Colley, the second prosecution witness in the case involving Ebrima Marong, has testified before Magistrate Joof of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court.

The accused was charged with obtaining money by false pretence.

He stated that on the 3rd of January 2019, a police officer called Jallow asked him at the airport to give him €5000 to enable his host who lived in Guinea Bissau and who was using his brother’s passport to travel from The Gambia to Europe. He further stated that he finally gave Officer Jallow €500 and his host was allowed to travel with his brother’s passport to Europe.

Still testifying, he told the court that Mustapha Sillah, the complainant, is his business partner. He adduced that while they were in Italy, the complainant told him that he wanted some gold dust. He disclosed that he told the complainant that he knew one Mustapha Janneh who deals in gold dust, who introduced him to the accused person. He narrated that the accused person told him that he was doing his business in Qatar but later came to The Gambia.

He told the court that the complainant then flew to The Gambia and met the accused to purchase gold dust from him. He testified that the accused tested a small quantity of the gold dust and it turned to be real gold dust. He added that the accused asked the complainant to pay GMD305,000 and $5,000 for the gold dust, which he did.

Mr. Colley testified that when the complainant tested the larger quantity of the gold dust it was found not to be genuine. He further told the court that the complainant went to see the accused but he ran away, adding that the complainant reported the matter to the police. He said that the complainant got confused and could not explain to him as to what exactly happened.

He further narrated that he asked one of his friends to go to the police station to facilitate the process for him to talk to one of the police officers on the phone.His friend did so and he was able to speak to one of the police officers on the phone, and who happened to be the said Officer Jallow.

He disclosed that officer Jallow spoke to him while he was in Spain and told him that the complainant was lucky that the police had intervened and caught the accused with the money. He said that Officer Jallow told him that the accused was found along with one Bangura, a Sierra Leonean, at Wuli Hotel but Bangura managed to escape. He testified further that Officer Jallow told him that the accused was apprehended when he wanted to escape.

Mr. Colley told the court that it was the same Officer Jallow who requested him to pay €5,000 to bail out his host from Guinea Bissau at the airport.

At this juncture, the accused was asked whether he had any questions to ask the witness under cross-examination and he answered in the negative.

Prosecutor Sergeant 2294 Jammeh presented the bill of indictment before the court on behalf of the Inspector General of Police.  Hearing continues on the 21st January 2019.

Author: Dawda Faye