Police intervene in D285, 000 jackpot scam

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Police at the Hannover Police Station off the Babun Fatty Junction have intervened to ensure that justice is done after one Dembo Sanyang was initially denied payment of D285,000 by the management of GM Lottery Company.

According to a confirmed source, the complainant Mr. Sanyang, had on Sunday Dec. 2, 2018, played a PMU of the GM Lottery Company at their outlet in Bakau and won the said amount but the management claimed that the jackpot was won by eight people. 

But according to sources, the management of GM Lottery Company denied Mr. Sanayang as the sole winner of the jackpot.

However, the general manager, George Smart, and three others including the auditor and the accountant were on Monday night reportedly invited by the police for allegedly failing to pay Mr. Sanyang after he made several attempts to meet the general manager to engage him over the matter.

According to him, he got frustrated and reported the matter to the Hannover Police Station to investigate the matter.

He said he did this because he was denied access by the security of the company anytime he wanted to meet the general manager over the issue.

Mr. Sanyang said after reporting the matter to the police, the general manager first insisted that he (Sanyang) was not the only person who won the jackpot. However, after a thorough investigation by the police, they found that the Mr. Sanyang was the sole winner of that Sunday jackpot.

The complainant said after the police came out with a concrete evidence, then the GM Lottery general manager decided to accept and called for negotiation at a price of (D200,000.00), which he (Mr. Sanyang) refused .

He said they further negotiated and agreed to pay him the whole amount of D285, 000.00. He said the GM Lottery Company finally paid the money at the Hannover Police Station.

Mr. Sanyang further said that prior to police’s intervention in the matter, he was offered D39, 000.00 by GM Lottery Company, but he refused.

Mr. Sanyang said he would never have confidence in GM Lottery and would not patronise them, while thanking the police for their independent investigation.

The police spokesperson ASP Lamin Njie promised to get back to The Point over the matter but he did not. Another attempt for the Hand Over Police Station to shed light over the matter proved futile.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh