Police arrest 51 suspected criminals

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

The newly setup Anti Crime Unit (ACU) of The Gambia Police Force (GPF) headed by Chief Spt. Gorgie Mboob, has arrested 51 suspected criminals within the Kanifing Division.

The suspected criminals were arrested on the 6th of May 2018, by personnel of the ACU who were on their routine patrol within the Kanifing Division. The accused are held in custody in connection with robbery, hypnotizing, drugs, buying stolen items from criminals, idol and disorderly, among host of others. They are currently being detained at the Serrekunda Police Station as investigation into the matter continuous.

Out of the 51 arrested, 18 of them were identified as Senegalese and are believed to be from Kabada in the southern Casamance. The suspects were handed over to Gambia Immigration Department (GID) for screening. They were arrested in an abandon building by the ACU personnel without any documents, the police say.

Among the 51 suspected criminals arrested by the ACU personnel were two young girls. Twelve of the arrestees were nabbed in connection with buying stolen items from the criminals particularly around the ‘Black Market.’ 

Speaking to journalists at the Serrekunda Police Station where the suspected criminals were paraded, Police Spokesperson, David Kujabi, said this was a move taken by the newly setup ACU personnel, adding that this came as a result of the public outcry of crime going up in the country.

“The sudden rise of crime in The Gambia is something we, ourselves, keep asking because nothing has changed, given the status quo within the police. We are operating the way we were doing before and we are gathering intelligence report and patrolling the streets.”

Spt. Kujabi affirmed that the suspects include Senegalese, Gambians, Guineans, a SereLeone and Ivorians. “Most of them are young people. Therefore, it is a question that everyone should ask, and unless we find the roots cause of why young people are involved in crime, it will be difficult to arrest the menace.”

 PRO Kujabi said arresting them and taking them to court and even convicting them and putting them to jail is not enough. “We want our young people to engage in viable venture that will help in propelling the development of this country. It is not ideal for our young people to be involved in crime and its related issues. We want a society where everybody maintains law and order, and are engaged in activities that are meaningful to national development.”

He urged Gambians and Non-Gambians residing in country to continue maintaining law and order, adding that it should be our collective responsibility in ensuring that people continue to leave in peace and harmony. The police PRO further told journalists that the boyfriend of one of the girls arrested by the ACU personnel is also apprehended. According to him, the boyfriend, living in a lodge and paying D400 per night. Where did he get that money from? he inquired?

David Kujabi, urged parents to take the lead role in upbringing their children to become responsible people in the society.  “Maslaha” syndrome is damaging The Gambia. Let us stop the blame game and take responsibility now,” he said.

Author: Momodou Jawo